Godscreations Gifting Plants

Go green or go home
Be a part of saving future
Be the change
Spread the awareness by gifting green

The absolute least amount of work you need to do is the following:
  • Finding a home for it with the recommended light
  • Planting your green friend into a pot
  • Watering your plant as needed.

..which, really, isn’t that much! If you can do these three things, let’s get into which house plants take very little effort, and are easiest to master. I suggest the best green gift to your near and dear is POTHOS (MONEY PLANT)..


Also known as: Hunter’s Robe, Ivy Arum, Money Plant, Solomon Islands Ivy and Taro Vine, and Devil’s Ivy.

Light requirements: Pothos will thrive in any kind of lighting — low, indirect, or bright.

Watering schedule: Let soil dry out completely between waterings.

Why it’s perfect for you: These no-maintenance plants have a high reward: the more sun and water they get, the more they’ll grow!

The?Money?Plant is considered to be a lucky plant welcoming monetary gain and good fortune. It’s attractive heart-shaped and lush green foliage makes it a perfect plant to be used in home or offices. Gift prosperity and good fortune to your loved ones with this beautiful luscious green money plant.